• 27°С Average Summer Temperature |
  • 23.6°С Average Water Temperature |
  • 5 km Long Beach

Pomorie (Bulgarian: Поморие) is a town and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, located on a narrow rocky peninsula in Burgas Bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Pomorie is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, 22 km away from Burgas and approximately 400 km away from Sofia. The population of the town is around 14 000 people. E87 main road connecting the northern and the southern parts of the Black Sea Coast passes through Pomorie. Varna, Burgas, Sozopol, and Nesebar can be reached via Pomorie Port. The town lies in close proximity to the international airport of Burgas.

Pomorie is one of the most popular destinations in summer– the average air and water temperature in the month of July is 23.6°С, there are up to 2360 hours of sunshine every year, and the beach is about 5 km long. Winters are mild and with minimum precipitation.

Moreover, the region has been famous for the medicinal qualities of the mud extracted during the production of salt in Pomorie Lake ever since ancient times. The healing powers of the mineral water in the town are also well-known. The slow cooling of the sea water is very typical for the region. In the morning before sunrise the air is rich in ozone, negative ions, ultraviolet rays and iodine released in gas form by seaweed.

Pomorie is a popular tourist destination and it provides its guests with many accommodation opportunities. There are also plenty of venues and restaurants in the town. Thanks to the medicinal qualities of its mud, Pomorie has become a popular balneological and SPA resort visited during winter and summer. Nesebar and Sozopol which are famous for their archaeological discoveries and ancient histories are not far away. Slanchev bryag Resort (Sunny Beach Resort) is also close to Pomorie. It provides various forms of entertainment 24 hours a day.

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In the centre of Pomorie and only 50 metres away from the beach.


  • 27°С Average Summer Temperature |
  • 23.6°С Average Water Temperature |
  • 5 km Long Beach

Sinemorets (Bulgarian: Синеморец; also Sinemorec, Sinemoretz, "place on the blue sea") is a village and seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located in the very southeast of the country close to the border with Turkey, where the river Veleka flows into the sea. The seaside resort Ahtopol is 6 km north of Sinemorets, and Rezovo is 11 km to the south.

Sinemorets is an attractive vacation destination, thanks to its pristine natural beauty and excellent beaches. It is very close to the Strandzha Nature Reserve, a cool retreat on hot summer days with many trails leading to natural and historical points of interest.

The village has two beaches – The Bytamyata Beach and the beach at the mouth of the Veleka River. Also a short distance away is one Bulgaria’s most scenic beaches, Silistar.

For those who like water sports, there are rides on a “banana boat” (a large, banana-shaped float pulled by a speed boat), and jet skis for rent. For those who prefer nature excursion, there are horses and ponies for rent, or boat trips up the Veleka. There are a number of trails leading to interesting places in the Strandzha reserve, both for hikers and bicyclists.

The villages in the Strandzha that are in the vicinity of Sinemorets have retained their centuries-old traditions, which they are proud to share with visitors. One such tradition that is famous throughout the world is the Nestinarka – a ritual dance performed on live coals that takes place on May 21, on the annual celebration in honor of Saints Constantine and Elena. There are also Nestinarka fire dances during the summer arranged for tourists. The Strandzha villages Gramatikovo, Kosti, Bulgari, and Mladezhko have developed into attractive destinations for village tourism.

The Veleka River is well-stocked and attracts many interested in fishing its waters. At the river’s mouth it is possible to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish, since fish from the Black Sea venture up the river in search of food.

Though the village is small, Sinemorets offers a variety of accommodations – luxury complexes, hotels, and guesthouses. The village’s eating establishments serve both seafood and Bulgarian national cuisine.

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  • 29°С Average Summer Temperature |
  • 27°С Average Water Temperature |
  • 1 km Long Beach|

Primorsko (Bulgarian: Приморско) is a town and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province. A well-known resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

It is situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from Burgas and 450 kilometers from the capital city Sofia. The population of the town is 2,800 people and in the summer season the number of people increases several times due to the numerous tourists, choosing Primorsko for their summer vacation. The climate in Primorsko is temperate-continental with Black Sea and Mediterranean influence, with mild, short winters and long summers. The average temperature in July is 23-24° С.

There are four sanctuaries found near Primorsko, as well as 12 dolmens and 10 mound necropolises. The most interesting for tourists is the sanctuary Beglik Tash, which embodies the cult of the sun. The rock sanctuary near Primorsko is one of the greatest discoveries of the Thracian civilization at the Southern Black Sea coast and Strandzha. It is located in the central highest part of Beglik Tash peak, with a height of 128 meters above sea level, and covers an area of about 6 decares. Its central part is best studied – there, on a large rock terrace, slightly elevated above the surrounding terrain, in a circle with diameter of 56 meters of the ritual space, are laid separate rock elements. It was built in the middle of the second millennium BC and was demolished in the early fourth century AD.

Ropotamo reserve is located near Primorsko. There are many interesting and unique natural sites on the reserve territory, such as the firth of the Ropotamo river, the Arkutino swamp, dense forests, which are very rare at this attitude, various rock formations, wetlands, marshlands, etc. The reserve is a part of the larger protected area Ramsarsko Place, Ropotamo. The firth of Ropotamo is one of the main tourist attractions in the reserve. The site also offers attractive boat trips along the river.

The Arkutino reserve, also known as Mecheshko Blato (Bear’s Swamp), in Primorsko municipality is famous for its pure nature and rare plants. The reserve is home to the sand lily and offers a clean and long coastline.

North of Primorsko, in the area between the Stamopolu lagoon and the seashore is located one of the best – preserved dune complexes at the Black Sea shore. Some dunes reach up to 19 meters of height and are an exceptional view for visitors. This is the natural landmark Sand Dunes – Perla.

The town of Primorsko is a preferred destination due to its favorable climate, its wonderful nature, its historical and cultural monuments, the hospitable people and the various attractions, offered in the town. There are 4 beaches near the town – north, central, southern and Perla, which offer various attractions – a volleyball playground, gym, water ski, pedal boats, surfing, boat trips, scooters and children’s facilities. There are many accommodation options in Primorsko – from private apartments, villas, family hotels and hotel complexes. The restaurants in the town serve traditional Bulgarian meals, fish dishes. Many of them offer live music.

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